Water Outages

We are aware of the water outages listed below. To report a new water outage during business hours, you may call 513-863-0828 or click the following link: Report Water Outage  (PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS DURING NON-BUSINESS HOURS)
For Emergencies during Non-Business hours, call 513-863-0828. After hours phone calls are forwarded to an answering service who will contact District staff. 

Boil Advisories
1483-1784 Hamilton New London Rd. 12/4/23 12/6/23
1634-2100 Sky Meadow Dr. 12/4/23 12/6/23
1484-2303 Smith Rd. 12/4/23 12/6/23
970-1800 Warvel Rd. 12/4/23 12/6/23

The District issues precautionary boil water advisories when a loss of pressure in the watermain can potentially contaminate the water.  While boil advisories can be inconvenient, they are issued for your protection.  During the boil advisory, water samples are collected to verify there are no contaminants. If a boil advisory is extended, customers will be notified again. 

While you are under a boil advisory, consumed water must be boiled vigorously for one minute. You do not need to boil water for bathing, washing dishes, laundry, or other external uses.

Service Outages (No Boil Required)
1616-1761 Bunker Hill Woods Rd. 12/4/23 12/4/23
4845-6069 Stillwell Rd. 12/4/23 12/4/23
All of Reily Woods Lane 12/4/23 12/4/23
5151 & 5190 Muskie Ct. 12/4/23 12/4/23

When a water line is repaired under controlled conditions that prevent contamination of the water system, no boil advisory is required. However, we understand the importance of communicating information about water interruptions with our customers, and have therefore taken steps to notify customers whenever water service may have been affected.