Capital Projects

The following is the District's Vision Statement:

"The Southwest Regional Water District Team will continue to develop and sustain the ability to deliver plentiful, high quality water for future generations while remaining customer focused."

The District's staff is diligent in their efforts to remain focused on this statement. A large part of putting this statement into action is to develop a Capital Improvement Program that will help the District achieve the goals put forth in this statement. The following is a list of planned, completed, or in progress Capital Improvement Projects.

*Due to supply chain issues affecting the District and our utility in general, we are unable to proceed with many of the projects planned for 2022 and possibly 2023; however, the list of projects planned for those years is as follows:

Engineering and Operations
2022 Pump Replacement Project- Planned
SR 122 Water Main Replacement (West Alexandria Rd to Hill St)- In Progress
SR 503 Water Main Replacement (Tolbert Rd to Oxford Middletown Rd)- In Progress
Darrtown Rd Water Main Replacement ( Stillwell Beckett Rd to Shollenbarger Rd)- Planned
SR 177 Water Main Replacement (North St to Somerville Rd)- Planned
Taylor Rd Water Main Replacement (Ringwood Rd to Jones Rd)- Planned
US 27 Water Main Replacement (South of Minton Rd.) Appx. 1,600 feet of Water Main To Be Replaced- Planned
North Plant Rehabilitation 2023 Projects- Planned
Cedar Glen Way Water Main Replacement- Complete
Water System Master Plan- Complete
Bell Rd. (Between Layhigh and Jenkins Rd.) Abandon Old Parallel Main/Move Services to Newer Main- Complete
North Treatment Plant Replace Co2 Tank -Complete
W. Guy Metcalf Water Treatment Plant Well #2 Rehabilitation- Complete
W. Guy Metcalf Water Treatment Plant Well #1 Rehabilitation- Complete
Somerville Tank Painting- Complete