Leak Detection

If you suspect you have a leak, take the following steps to determine if you have a leak. 

  1. Locate the water meter facility on your property. Most water meters are located outside, near the road. Water meters are housed in a meter pit that is covered by a circular lid.

  2. Loosen the bolt holding down the meter lid with a pair of pliers or channel locks.
  1. Remove the meter lid and place it on the ground next to the meter pit. Lift the flap covering the face of the meter. Be careful not to dislodge or damage the equipment attached to the underside of the meter lid.
  1. Most meters have a leak indicator. There is a dial that looks like a small spinning wheel on the left of the meter face. If the spinner is moving, there may be a leak.

  2. Confirm no water is being used in your home. Write down the reading from the meter and wait 30 minutes, then read the meter again to see if the reading has changed. If the reading changed then you probably have a leak.

  3. To determine if the leak is inside or outside of your home, turn off the master shut off valve inside your house. Write down another meter reading and wait 30 minutes.
  1. If the reading has changed, then the leak is in the service line (outside) between the meter and the shut off valve inside the house. If the reading has not changed, the leak is inside the house.
  1. Once you are done checking for a leak, carefully replace the meter lid and tighten down the bolt.

If you determine that you have a leak, please let our office know after the leak has been repaired as bill adjustments may be possible.

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