Water Production Plants

North Water Treatment Plant
north_plantThe District’s North Water Treatment Plant began operating in May of 1997. This facility treats raw water by disinfection/chlorination, fluoridation and removal of iron, manganese, and hardness. The rated capacity of this plant is 6,000,000 gallons per day (6 MGD) and was designed to be expanded to 8 MGD, when needed. Four production wells are used on this 100 acre site located over the Great Miami River Valley Aquifer. The North Plant is included in the regional Wellhead Protection Plan of the Hamilton to New Baltimore Ground Water Consortium. Other members of the consortium include the Cities of Hamilton, Fairfield, and Cincinnati, along with The Southwest Ohio Water Company, The Miller Brewery Company, and the Butler County Department of Environmental Services. All of these entities work together through the Consortium to protect this valuable underground water resource.

W. Guy Metcalf Water Treatment Plant
south_plantThe W. Guy Metcalf Water Treatment Plant was the District's only production facility until 1997. This plant has a designed capacity of 3,600,000 gallons per day (3.6 MGD). Unlike the raw groundwater at the north wellfield, the groundwater from the Metcalf wellfield has negligible concentrations of iron and manganese. Therefore, the only treatment processes employed at the W. Guy Metcalf Plant are disinfection/chlorination, fluoridation and softening (i.e., removal of the hardness from the raw water). Three 1,600 gallon per minute (GPM) wells makeup the Metcalf wellfield which is located above the Great Miami River Aquifer. The W. Guy Metcalf Plant's Wellhead Protection Plan is included in the regional plan prepared by the Hamilton to New Baltimore Groundwater Consortium.