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District staff monitor emails during regular business hours. For emergencies during non-business hours, call 513-863-0828. After hours phone calls are forwarded to an answering service who will contact District staff if necessary. 

To report a new water outage during business hours, you may call 513-863-0828 or click the following link: Report Water Outage

To ask general questions, click the following link: General Inquiries
To contact a District Employee, click on their name.

Administration Position
Phil Sackenheim General Manager

Customer Service & Finance Position
Customer Service General Inquiries
Kenny Hoffman Finance and Business Manager
Deana Fackey Human Resources/Board Clerk
Katina Laird Senior Customer Service Specialist
Nikki Girdler Customer Service Representative Ⅱ
Annette Isaacs Customer Service Representative
Tracy Brindle Administrative Specialist
Jeannie Wright Administrative Specialist

Distribution/System Maintenance Position
Distribution/System Maintenance Inquiries -
Mark Smith Distribution Supervisor
Tony Brosey System Maintenance
Dustin Dittman System Maintenance
Devon Geisz System Maintenance
Kyle Gross System Maintenance
Josh Niehoff System Maintenance
Mark Pennington System Maintenance
Nathan Treadway System Maintenance
Tyler Vocke System Maintenance
Drew Wagster System Maintenance

Operations/Production Position
Operations/Production General Inquiries -
Dustan Marshall Operations & Maintenance Manager
Josh Parker Production Supervisor
Sarah Affrunti Regulatory Compliance & Safety Manager
Ryan Bower Troubleshooter
John Winterrod General Maintenance
Andrew Baker Plant Operator
Jamie Cook Plant Operator
Doug Howard Plant Operator
Bill Paullin Plant Operator

Engineering Department Position
Engineering Department General Inquiries -
Jason Francis Engineering Manager
Nathan Zinsmeister Infrastructure Manager
Neil Bond Design Engineer
Tom Puckett Design Engineer
John Cope Engineering Technician 
Bernie Dickman Engineering Technician