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Estimated Bills - What is an Estimated Bill and Why Do They Happen?

Your billing statement indicates whether your bill is based upon actual or estimated water usage. An estimated bill will state “Water Estimated” in the description. The billing software estimates water usage based upon on the previous 12 months of consumption and removes the highest month from the calculation.

Bills can be estimated for a variety of reasons. Most of our meters are read using radio transmission equipment. Occasionally a reading will fail to be transmitted or received. Weather can cause us to fail to be able to read a route or can cause poor data transmission. The radio transmission equipment is battery powered and if the battery dies, the meter reading will not be broadcast to our vehicles when our staff drives the system to collect readings.

The District has experienced an abnormal level of battery failures with its radio transmission equipment. Approximately 2,000 meters are failing to read each month. As a result, the District has selected and begun migration to a new meter reading system. The new system is cellular based and can show customers their water usage on a daily or hourly basis. Once the cellular reading device is installed customers may sign up for “Eye on Water” to view their water usage.

As we mentioned previously, there are about 2,000 meters which are failing to read. District staff is tasked with identifying and repairing every failed transmitting device. This will be a lengthy process. The customers who have gone the longest duration without an actual reading are the highest priority and will be first ones to receive the cellular based reading devices. Please be patient as we work to address the backlog of failed transmitting devices. In the meantime, customers may self-report their meter reading to Customer Service.

When the meter is visually read, an adjustment is made to account for actual water used. The adjustment will show up in the description with the message “Estimate Adjustment”. To be clear, this issue only involves the reading transmission device, not the accuracy of the meter.

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To reliably provide affordable, high quality water to all customers by developing and retaining exceptional staff.

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The Southwest Regional Water District Team will continue to develop and sustain the ability to deliver plentiful, high quality water for future generations while remaining customer focused.